A social and environmental nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment of people experiencing homelessness and those of small means, by creating regenerative, organic urban gardens in shelters, service centers, bridge housing, affordable housing and on vacant land.


We believe that time spent in contact with nature through these gardens will provide meaningful rewarding work and a safe environment for healing. While growing nutritious organic produce, our garden programs will create a sense of belonging and the opportunity to make beneficial human connections.   

We use regenerative, pesticide/insecticide-free methods of gardening to help mitigate our impact on the environment. Our goals is the reduce the carbon footprint of each shelter, increase food system resilience, and encourage a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of these gardens is not to address the immediate need of hunger; rather, these gardens are meant to nourish underserved communities by providing growth to plants and people.

Homeless Shelter Gardens

“The garden serves a transformative role at Samoshel, both aesthetically and spiritually.”
Samoshel Garden Participant

We have launched a pilot project at the People Concern’s Samoshel Homeless shelter, in Santa Monica, and it is thriving! ceramic ollas provide water for the four garden beds. The garden is moving onto its second season, and is loved by residents and staff alike. A number of local shelters have expressed interest in developing gardens and stipend gardener positions for the residents at their shelters, and are waiting for our help to get them started.

2 additional homeless shelter garden projects are funded and in development

Affordable Housing Gardens

Through their onsite organic community gardens, resident of 7 affordable housing properties can participate, at no cost, in engagement and educational multigenerational and multicultural garden workshops.


The idea behind Growing Hope Gardens is simple – we create, maintain and develop onsite stewardship of resident organic, gardens for people of small means throughout the Los Angeles County. The resident gardens provide healthy fresh, plant based foods, mitigate impacts on the environment, but create strong communities of lasting human connections.



Jeffrey Baker

Community Justice Clinic, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Education Pepperdine University School of Law Malibu

Mud Baron

Program Director at Healing Gardens, Executive Director at School Garden Coop, Stage Producer at Lollapalooza, Project Director at Earth Island Institute

Audrey Crouse

Effective change agent and strategic thinker who produces growth and creates impact through collaboration and strengths-based leadership

Eleu Navarro

Chair of Seed Library of Los Angeles, UC Master Gardener, Food Justice and Homeless Rights Advocate

Song Oh

Lawyer and educational philanthropist

Marrisa Axelrod

Director of Community Nursing, The People Concern (RN, BSN, MPH)


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